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How to clean the crane cab shed


  Because the crane cab shed works in the external environment for a long time, its appearance will not be as bright as before. So how to scrub this kind of crane cab shed? When we scrub the shed, how do we scrub it? What are the precautions for scrubbing? Now let's explain the requirements of the crane cab shed How to scrub.

  1) When cleaning the car, we should choose clean and soft cloth. Don't use some detergent containing organic solvent to clean the paint on the crane cab canopy. What's more, we should avoid using alkaline water to protect the electroplating layer of the crane cab canopy, so as to avoid corrosion and other damage to the surface paint and prolong the service life.

  2) Avoid strong collision, scratch and scratch on the paint surface of the crane cab shed, especially avoid friction and collision with other hard objects on the way.

  3) When parking, should pay attention to choose a cool place, try to avoid direct sunlight and exposure.

  The above is how to scrub the crane cab shed. I believe we all know about it. For the cleaning of the crane cab shed, we should not ignore its dead color parts. From the position that can not be seen at the corner, we should do detailed cleaning, maintain our vehicles, and wax regularly.

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