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Brief description of maintenance and maintenance methods of crane cab drive shaft


  The crane cab has a very good effect in the construction works. At present, the scope of use is gradually expanding. It is also one of the necessary tools in each construction site. The crane cab has a good adaptability in the process of working, but it is not without problems when using. What are the maintenance and maintenance methods for the crane cab drive shaft?

  In order to ensure the normal operation of drive shaft in cab of mine hourly crane and prolong its service life, some points should be paid attention to in use:

  1. It is strictly forbidden for the car to start at high speed.

  2.It is forbidden to raise the clutch pedal sharply.

  3. Vehicle overloading and speeding are strictly prohibited.

  4.Drive shaft operation should be checked frequently.

  5. Always check the fastening condition of the propeller shaft hanger, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connecting parts of the propeller shaft are loose and whether the propeller shaft is deformed.

  6. In order to ensure dynamic balance of cab and drive shaft of hoist, attention should be paid to whether the balance welding pad is de-welded or not.New propeller shaft assemblies are supplied in pairs. Attention should be paid to the assembly marking of the telescopic sleeve when loading the new propeller shaft and the flange fork should be kept in a plane.When disassembling and repairing the drive shaft, the assembly marking should be printed on the telescopic sleeve and the flange shaft in order to keep the original assembly relationship unchanged during reassembly.

  7. Grease shall be regularly filled into the cab of hourly crane and the cross bearing of universal joint for mining. No. 3 lithium grease shall be injected in summer and No. 2 lithium grease shall be injected in winter.

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