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Method of removing stains from crane cab


  The crane cab is used to lift engineering building materials.After a long time of use, many stains will inevitably remain in the crane cab, which not only affects the appearance, but also is corrosive for a long time and is easy to cause damage to the vehicle.Therefore, it is necessary to clean and remove stains.Here are some ways to remove stains from the surface of the crane cab:

  1.Clean the crane cab seal with cleaning agent when it is stained.

  2.The rough surface of the body of the crane cab indicates that the body is adhered to by carbon or dust particles.At this point, decontamination clay can be used to remove it.When grinding, add enough water to adhere to the dust particles and restore the original smooth surface.

  3.When the bumper in the crane cab is stained with oil or white, it can be cleaned with a hard brush and then sprayed with leather maintenance agent after drying to make the bumper bright as new.

  4.If the tyres and rims of the crane cab are contaminated with oil, they can be cleaned with detergent or detergent before being sprayed with tyre care agent so that they have bright black and beautiful tyres and rims like new tyres.

  Cleaning the crane cab should not be neglected by everyone, and what we often neglect is also an important part.Have you learned the above methods for removing stains from the surface of the crane cab? Of course, in addition to the surface, we must maintain and maintain the entire vehicle for better use.

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