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Daily Maintenance of Harvester Cab


  Harvester is an agricultural device. Its function is very strong, it can accomplish harvesting very efficiently and has excellent performance. Harvester cab is a very tense Baidu keyword ranking for a harvester. Harvester drivers have to work day and night during busy planting. At this time, only harvester cab and harvester cab can be relied on by them.Sound the work of the operators, how do we maintain the harvester in order to ensure it is highly compliant?

  The harvester cab should ensure that the vehicle has a reasonable external shape and can effectively guide the air flow around it while driving to reduce air resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, the harvester cab should also contribute to improving the driving stability of the vehicle, improving the cooling conditions of the engine and ensuring excellent ventilation inside the body.Drivers should be provided with convenient working conditions, comfortable driving conditions for the occupants, and they should be protected from vibration, noise, exhaust gas and bad weather while driving. Air conditioning, heating, fans, harvesters and some structural measures and equipment on the harvester cab can also be selected to help safe driving and reduce the consequences of accidents.

  Daily maintenance of harvester cab:

  I. The harvester cab needs to fill each smooth point with smooth oil according to the rules every day.

  2. Tighten the front wheel and rear wheel nuts after a period of time to check the tension of all trigonometric belts to check all drive chains. When the indicator light comes on, straighten the dry air filter, check the coolant level and fill it up, check and straighten the water collector, drain the accumulated water and accumulation, straighten the filling port of the hydraulic oil tank and check the oil level, check the proposed oil pan oil, press theNeed to refuel, rectify the filling port of hydraulic drive tank and check the oil level;

  3. Straighten the cab filter of the harvester when necessary;

  4. Maintenance work before leaving the vehicle every day should focus on components with high load, high speed and sensation. Along the way, we should also look at simple worn components such as cutting knife, connecting rod, conveyor belt, lifting wire rope, etc.

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